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T'z Aiko|手錢葵子

T’z Aiko Project CEO – Aiko TEZENI

Born in Japan to parents who were both radio program directors.
Aiko’s grandfather was an industrial designer renowned for the ‘S mark’ design of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

After graduating from Tokyo College of Music at the top of her class, Aiko started her first career as an unique blend of a live performance and an MC.

Hand-picked by Sony Music Entertainment(SME) as a main visual character for the project STAND UP! ORCHESTRA, Aiko performed in various venues including outdoor festivals, the opening ceremony of T league (table tennis league), and the opening game of Japan-U.S. baseball, which were well-received by critiques. She is chosen as a regular emcee of the music TV program, ‘Sekai no Ongaku-Hello Classic’(BS FUJI).

She also plans and gives regularly-held performances for the so-called ‘T’z Aiko Project’ that is made by everyone for everyone.

Aiko has also been active in recording, supporting the live performance, instructing, emceeing, and modeling.
More recently, she has been expanding her activities from music and entertainment to developing and consulting.

Since October 2021, She has been a radio DJ for a wind brass program at her local Yokohama radio station, Fmyokohama.

(Aiko’s media appearance history)
▽Panasonic high-resolution Hi-Fi Audio ‘Technics’ interview
▽Nippon TV ‘Matsuko Kaigi’ interview and live performance;
▽BS TV Tokyo T-league opening ceremony
▽BS FUJI TV ‘Sekai no Ongaku-Hello Classic!’ regular MC
▽Fmyokohama84.7『You and The Night The Brass」Radio DJ


T'z Aiko


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From children to adult people,
Everyone can have a life
with full of joy through music.
I will bring you
such heart moved performance.


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